Action Starts Here

Societe Chiwara was born from a dream. A dream that focuses on building and providing platforms that allows us to create meaningful connections as human beings. Our goal is to get to know each and every member of our community and find out how we can build each other up as a collective. We offer strategies and insight on inclusivity, diversity knowledge and intend to keep our conversations 100% real. 

Because that’s the Chiwara way. 


Working with Societie Chiwara in bringing awareness to our communities has been an absolute joy and refuels my commitment of being of service to our humanity. SC has created a platform that fosters open respectful dialogue that aims to bringing people together committed to building bridges and a brighter future for all of humanity. I’m so grateful to be part of a team that’s passionate about our collective future.
Rawle Iam James

Societe Chiwara is a wonderful pragmatic organization with a laser focus on having a direct impact to the community while advocating for meaningful change. SC is building a community of thought leaders where everyone’s voice is heard and celebrated in a safe welcoming environment.

Matteo Stewart